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Posted on: February 15, 2009

2008 was the year of doing too much…. giving my time to everything & everyone else except me.  my vacation to st. lucia taught me the importance and necessity of loving myself…
Here’s a peak from my travelogue for your valentine’s reading pleasure




full view


i can’t believe i talked myself into doing this.  i’m afraid of heights but this ‘spacation’ has turned me into an adventurer. so i take off in the helicopter for a ride cross

st. lucia.  i’m sure there are easier ways to get to the airport but i want to go out with a bang.  so i strap in and off we go.    beautiful hills and tons of rain forest.  such a tiny island. even though we’re flying inland u can see the coast. what a view…suddenly turbulence swings the chopper back and forth.  i notice fear but realize there’s nothing i can do. i’m not in control.  so i put my eye on the prize of this beautiful landscape.  i’m taking it all in and hear one final message.  life can have its rough patches but when u take a bird’s eye view u realize how awesome & magnificent it

& ur r…

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