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Crowning A Queen: Motivational Minister Nancy Pierre

Posted on: April 27, 2009

There are so many amazing women and girls who are doing great things. So each month, I’m giving props to ladies who are making it happen. This month our queen is Nancy Pierre, a woman who was in a coma for 2 weeks and lives to tell her incredible story!

Nancy Pierre is a powerful speaker and minister. She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Long Island University. Nancy is a native of Brooklyn, New York and was born to Haitian parents. Nancy (whose name means “grace”) is also a former actor, singer and dancer. She is married and has four beautiful children.
On February 5, 2007, Nancy was taken to the hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. She gave birth to Naomi, who was born with no heartbeat but was quickly revived, given a blood transfusion and immediately placed on a respirator. Nancy received a transfusion as well but slipped into a coma for 11 days.
Her husband began taking photographs of Nancy in her hospital bed to document that painful journey, with the belief that she would wake up. Her husband turned the pictures into a five-minute video and shared it with people all over the world via the Internet, asking for prayers for the return of Nancy’s good health and the survival of Baby Naomi.
Nancy and Baby Naomi survived! Nancy could not stop telling people about the miracle that occurred in her and Naomi’s life. She has dedicated herself to helping people overcome their past difficulties and serving her community through Nancy Pierre Ministries. Nancy is also in the process of writing her first book.
Check out the You Tube video of the miracle:

Nancy Pierre

Nancy Pierre

1 Response to "Crowning A Queen: Motivational Minister Nancy Pierre"

Yup, truly a miracle. My sister’s story has truly strengthened my faith. It taught me not to depend on physical situations but to know that God is always in control and sees things from a bigger perspective.

So many questions went through my mind, when all of this was happening. Why? What went wrong? What could have been done differently? etc… But it was all part of the Father’s plan so that others can learn about His amazing grace and to know that what He has done for my sister He can do for all of His children if we would just have faith and believe in Him.

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