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Sage’s Rage: Finish what you started

Posted on: May 15, 2009

i was up til the wee hours this morning calculating grades for the class i teach.  i wasn’t procrastinating; the final was on tuesday and i had only two days to figure out grades. so the pressure was on.

i really wanted to give up and say it was an impossible task.  but i remembered two things:

1-    in the past when i chose to give up, i suffered many consequences. 

looking like a flake

letting someone down that i cared about (including myself)

losing out on a major opportunity

having to do it the next day anyway because there was no getting out of it

2-   The joy of knowing I’m done!  

the students will be happy (or not so happy) to get their grades

i have today to blog among other things

i am finished with this phase & can move on to the next better thing

so take a lesson from my mistakes and make sure to never give up on yourself, even if it seems like there is no end in sight

turning around does not make your problem or task go away

it only creates more issues to deal with

so stick it out

soon you will cross the finish line like the real winner you are!!!

finish line

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This is such a timely word of encouragement and wisdom. Thanks, Sassy Sage :o)

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