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Listening to the radio play Michael Jackson songs all weekend long has got me thinking, what is my favorite Jackson tune? 

There are so many; I wouldn’t know where to start.   There’s “Beat it”, which was the first song I competed in and made me realize my love for dance.  Then “PYT”, which makes my heart skip a thousand beats thinking of the guy who would utter those beautiful words to me.   Or “Liberian Girl”, the tribute to my homeland.  Of course, “We are the World” which inspires the philanthropist in my soul.  And the list goes on and on…

Since Thursday we have all been paying homage to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. His untimely death on June 25th shocked everyone.   We’ve all been talking about it and the consensus is that his music and life touched soo many people!  I was really put off by some of the media spins about his life being tragic and controversial.  There was that side of his life, but how many people do we know in history that has had such an impact on Society.   Each of his songs are ‘classic’ and his charity work far reaching!

That’s the legacy he left and that’s what we need to be focused on.   We all have some negative qualities and dramas that have happened in our lives.  If only we could let our light shine and influence as many people as Mr. Jackson, the world would be a much better place.   

RIP Michael Jackson.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world 

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What’s wrong with being single?
I find it absolutely surprising that the first thing a person asks me, when they haven’t seen me in a while, is “You STILL single?” It almost makes me feel like something is wrong with me.
I’m a full time student. I work full time. I played a leading role in the establishment of an elementary school and medical clinic in an underserved community. I’m also involved in my church and of course play an invaluable role in my family. Just to name a few things I do with my time. And instead of asking about any one of these things, I’m immediately looked at as someone who has accomplished nothing because I’m single. What’s really good with that?
And why are some of my sisters who are directors of prestigious programs, doctors, lawyers, excellent teachers, preachers etc… so depressed over not having a partner that they are turning to medication for help. What’s really good?
Holla at me please!

single sistah,
What’s really good is that you’re asking the question. Is there something wrong with being single? Maybe…
If you’re single because you aren’t the type of person people want to be around, then you’ve got a problem. If you’re single because you find fault in every man/woman that comes your way, there may be issues. But for most of us that’s not the situation.
So what gives?
Although we’ve come a long way in the career lives of women/girls, things have pretty much stayed the same in terms of our personal lives. We are evaluated by who we’re partnered up with and later down the line whether we have kids (I’m not even gonna touch that topic because it’s a whole ‘nother blog!). And often we women do it to each other and in some cases we do it to ourselves.
Women like you who are doing great things with their careers, in the community and family but are feeling down about themselves because ONE part of their life is missing. What kind of life are we living when we don’t appreciate and enjoy the positive things that are going on? What type of example are we giving the girls coming behind us when we tell them to strive to be anything they want to be in life but we ourselves don’t value our success? It’s got to stop!

Being married or in a relationship is a beautiful experience and should be valued. But NOT at the expense of all other relationships and experiences one can have. What kind of a girlfriend/wife are you going to be if you don’t have friends, family and other people in your life? What will you bring to the relationship if you have nothing but cute shoes and a fly haircut to show for it? It’s important to focus on who we are inside and get that right first? And that may take time, so be patient. Become the best all around girl/woman you can be. That way if ‘prince’ charming comes along you’ll be a happy princess. And if he never comes you’ll be a happy QUEEN.
Life is too short to wallow around feeling bad about yourself because of (not having) another person. Fall in love with your pet, your job, your family, your community…Luv yourself!


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There are so many amazing women and girls who are doing great things. So each month, I’m giving props to ladies who are making it happen. This month our queen is Michael Rose Ramirez, an author and humanitarian! Here are her thoughts about finding a career path that works for you…
“I had no idea what I wanted to be when I was younger. I enjoyed sports and playing drums but my parents insisted I earn a sensible degree so I studied business. But the business world was uninspired and I began helping kids who were in trouble with the law. I loved it and decided to become a lawyer. I attended law school but found law to be even more dreary than business. So next, I earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and worked as a Probation Officer. I trained to be part of an armed gang unit but soon realized I didn’t want my interaction with young people to be with a gun strapped to my hip.

All this time I’d been doing what my parents, friends, or boyfriends thought I should do, not what I wanted to do, and my passion was to write. I didn’t want to go through life regretting that I hadn’t tried that. I saved my money, quit my job, stocked up on peanut butter and tortillas, and set a one-year time limit.

Exactly one year to the day after leaving my job, I sold my first children’s picture book, The Little Ant, a retelling of a Mexican folk tale. Since then I’ve had other books published and started writing plays, several of which have been produced in New York City and around the country. I’ve become a reviewer of children’s books, was a featured personality on 1010 WINS (CBS) radio for the Hispanic Heritage Series, and am often an invited guest speaker at schools and conferences.

The hard reality is that it’s incredibly difficult to earn a living solely as a writer. So I eventually did have to return to work, this time as a social worker with homeless adolescents who are HIV-positive. I find it truly rewarding.

I believe that if you follow your heart and trust in the universe, the universe will respond. But, you have to work your butt off! In order to get published, I wrote for years to hone my skills. I researched, networked, and spent countless hours preparing materials. I took courses, read everything, joined professional organizations and attended conferences/events about book publishing. It was a long haul and a ton of work. And that’s pretty much what you’ve got to do if you want to achieve your goals and dreams. If you have to work another job to make ends meet while you pursue your passion, find something you enjoy doing so you’ll have a healthy balance in your life.

Most of all, take it seriously, work at it, improve your craft, trust your gut, and never give up. You can do it!”

Michael is one my writing mentors and as you can see has a wealth of wisdom. This September her one-act play, Flash Flood will be produced at the Manhattan Theatre Source as part of Estrogenius, a festival that celebrates women’s playwriting.

Check out her books at Barnes and Nobles, and other book outlets.

Books by Michael Rose Ramirez include:
The Legend of the Hummingbird
Live from Cedar Hills
Hoppin` Halloween
Gingerbread Sleepover

mrose pix

i’m sure u missed me last week. i was on a mini vacation in the countryside with little access to the outside world. i was soo looking forward to being quiet, listening to birds & cricketts., taking in starry nights & fresh air. so i packed my ipod, a couple of books & cranked my car up to go.

it wasn’t until i got to the entrance of the cottage that i got scared. the sign was on the edge of the road but to get to the house i had t go down a dirt road in the woods. at first i was curious but after a while it didn’t feel right. winding down the path with nothing familiar in sight bad thoughts ran through my mind. as if it couldnt get worse i landed in front of a wooden bridge. it felt like an indianna jones scene. i said a prayer & slowly crossed over. the planks were shaking & i tried not to cry. as much as i wanted to i couldn’t close my eyes cause one misstep meant a long drop down.

God answered my prayer & i make it alive! in the woods & wondering why i do this to myself. i’m really not that adventurous am i? how crazy am i that i talked myself into coming alone all the way out here? just as i’m about to turn around, i see signs of life. farm life that is and a barn & tractor. mom won’t have to hear bout me on the news….a few yards down i reach the spot. i get out relieved. i realize to truly make the most of my trip i’ve gotta slow down, shut out & let go of everything cityfied.

now i’m back. & hoping to hold onto that gutsy gal who made her way over the bridge…

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