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Posted on: June 4, 2009

i’m sure u missed me last week. i was on a mini vacation in the countryside with little access to the outside world. i was soo looking forward to being quiet, listening to birds & cricketts., taking in starry nights & fresh air. so i packed my ipod, a couple of books & cranked my car up to go.

it wasn’t until i got to the entrance of the cottage that i got scared. the sign was on the edge of the road but to get to the house i had t go down a dirt road in the woods. at first i was curious but after a while it didn’t feel right. winding down the path with nothing familiar in sight bad thoughts ran through my mind. as if it couldnt get worse i landed in front of a wooden bridge. it felt like an indianna jones scene. i said a prayer & slowly crossed over. the planks were shaking & i tried not to cry. as much as i wanted to i couldn’t close my eyes cause one misstep meant a long drop down.

God answered my prayer & i make it alive! in the woods & wondering why i do this to myself. i’m really not that adventurous am i? how crazy am i that i talked myself into coming alone all the way out here? just as i’m about to turn around, i see signs of life. farm life that is and a barn & tractor. mom won’t have to hear bout me on the news….a few yards down i reach the spot. i get out relieved. i realize to truly make the most of my trip i’ve gotta slow down, shut out & let go of everything cityfied.

now i’m back. & hoping to hold onto that gutsy gal who made her way over the bridge…

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