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Hot off the Press: Liberian Girl

Posted on: June 28, 2009

Listening to the radio play Michael Jackson songs all weekend long has got me thinking, what is my favorite Jackson tune? 

There are so many; I wouldn’t know where to start.   There’s “Beat it”, which was the first song I competed in and made me realize my love for dance.  Then “PYT”, which makes my heart skip a thousand beats thinking of the guy who would utter those beautiful words to me.   Or “Liberian Girl”, the tribute to my homeland.  Of course, “We are the World” which inspires the philanthropist in my soul.  And the list goes on and on…

Since Thursday we have all been paying homage to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. His untimely death on June 25th shocked everyone.   We’ve all been talking about it and the consensus is that his music and life touched soo many people!  I was really put off by some of the media spins about his life being tragic and controversial.  There was that side of his life, but how many people do we know in history that has had such an impact on Society.   Each of his songs are ‘classic’ and his charity work far reaching!

That’s the legacy he left and that’s what we need to be focused on.   We all have some negative qualities and dramas that have happened in our lives.  If only we could let our light shine and influence as many people as Mr. Jackson, the world would be a much better place.   

RIP Michael Jackson.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world 

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Michael will always be remembered as the “The King of Pop”. The media has been negative….and they will justify the negative spin as presenting all sides of Michael. The bottomline is that there is a huge market out there for negative news..lies..gossip…you name it…….and they have to capitalize on it! It sells!! That’s their bread and butter! However, those who love MJ and cherish his work will always love him no matter what!… RIP MJ!!!!

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