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i’ve been on the road a lot the last couple of weeks and certainly all over the place the last couple of days.

i’m in the woods for a week giving THE MIND MAKEOVERsm workshop to a group of girls at a teen camp in upstate new york. right now my phone is spotty and i don’t have regular internet access. so i’m really out of the loop. it feels a little weird not knowing what is going on in the world. i know the earth is still standing but no clue in what shape it’s in. at first i felt i was cool because i still had memories from the last few days to ponder over. now i’ve only got noise…no words just a few mumbles. i love peace and quiet but enough is enough. i’m not one to gossip but right about now i’d be happy for some scoop. help me out ladies.

spill the beans.

what’s the latest?

it’s so cliche to say the place is beautiful but it simply is.  
i’ve never had a smile on my face for such a long stretch of time.   i took the eurostar train from london to paris just for the day on a whim. it was a short 2 hour train ride and i immediately made my way out.  so excited i didn’t realize i would have to pay for the toilet at the metro station. so one euro later ($1.65), i made a promise to ‘go’ at every restaurant i could find and not make that mistake again. 
i speak very little french but enough to get around.  plus despite what i had heard about the french, people were so willing to help out.    i made it on the hot and not so romantic metro line, finally got off and just melted once i got outside.  every street was just lovely! yes there is the eiffle tower, museums and the seine river which everyone raves about. but for me it was just the beauty of everyday life that struck my heart.  
although i only spent 8 hours in paris; i feel in love fast and hard!  it will be in my heart for a long time… 

what a wicked time i’m having in london!  

i’ve been trying to see the sights and it’s been such an adventure.  the first thing i learned is that i need to use a map.  i spent all day yesterday literally running around in a circle for three hours trying to find the covent gardens market.  i stopped folks along the way to ask where i was but got turned around even more!   seems like the brits don’t know their streets so well or couldn’t understand my accent.   
there was a heat wave the week before i got here. it’s all everyone is talking about.  80 degrees (22 C) seems like a treat to me but over here they don’t do a/c and the tube (subway) feels like an oven even in winter. so i’m kinda glad i missed that.   it’s back to the usual grey skies but the down pours haven’t stopped me.

i’m determined to make the best of the trip.  even when the dollar is worth pennies compared to the pound.  my favs so far has been the national portrait gallery (which is free, like all of the museums), moti mahal (the best indian restaurant) and the funky tunes at crazybear lounge in charlotte.  i’ve seen buckingham palace, big ben, westminster abby, harrods, trafalglar square and the famous picadilly! 

there’s so much to see in london, i couldn’t possibly do it all in one trip but i’m going to do my best to take in as much as i can.  pictures soon to come…

 london bridge is going to fall in love with sassy.sage!

that’s right your girl is taking a trip across the pond to england.  i’m very excited because i know it will be a nice break to get away and enjoy. it will also be cool to be in another culture and see how the brits do things.   some of you may know that i spent a large part of my childhood in london.  i know it will be wonderful to go back and see if what i remember is still how things are.  i’m pretty sure they have evolved like every other place but still some things will always be the same.  maybe i’ll even come back with an accent.

not to fear, you won’t miss me while i’m gone.  i’ll be sure to journal my trip for the blog…

toddle lo!

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