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Sage’s Rage: London Bridge is Falling

Posted on: July 3, 2009

 london bridge is going to fall in love with sassy.sage!

that’s right your girl is taking a trip across the pond to england.  i’m very excited because i know it will be a nice break to get away and enjoy. it will also be cool to be in another culture and see how the brits do things.   some of you may know that i spent a large part of my childhood in london.  i know it will be wonderful to go back and see if what i remember is still how things are.  i’m pretty sure they have evolved like every other place but still some things will always be the same.  maybe i’ll even come back with an accent.

not to fear, you won’t miss me while i’m gone.  i’ll be sure to journal my trip for the blog…

toddle lo!

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How exciting! It looks like the weather is rather amazing in London right now. It’s actually sunny as opposed the the daily rain they ususally have.

Well, have tons of fun. Be sure to check out the London Eye, first! It’s pretty cool and GREAT for pictures.

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