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Piccadilly circus

Posted on: July 9, 2009

what a wicked time i’m having in london!  

i’ve been trying to see the sights and it’s been such an adventure.  the first thing i learned is that i need to use a map.  i spent all day yesterday literally running around in a circle for three hours trying to find the covent gardens market.  i stopped folks along the way to ask where i was but got turned around even more!   seems like the brits don’t know their streets so well or couldn’t understand my accent.   
there was a heat wave the week before i got here. it’s all everyone is talking about.  80 degrees (22 C) seems like a treat to me but over here they don’t do a/c and the tube (subway) feels like an oven even in winter. so i’m kinda glad i missed that.   it’s back to the usual grey skies but the down pours haven’t stopped me.

i’m determined to make the best of the trip.  even when the dollar is worth pennies compared to the pound.  my favs so far has been the national portrait gallery (which is free, like all of the museums), moti mahal (the best indian restaurant) and the funky tunes at crazybear lounge in charlotte.  i’ve seen buckingham palace, big ben, westminster abby, harrods, trafalglar square and the famous picadilly! 

there’s so much to see in london, i couldn’t possibly do it all in one trip but i’m going to do my best to take in as much as i can.  pictures soon to come…

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