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j’adore paris

Posted on: July 13, 2009

it’s so cliche to say the place is beautiful but it simply is.  
i’ve never had a smile on my face for such a long stretch of time.   i took the eurostar train from london to paris just for the day on a whim. it was a short 2 hour train ride and i immediately made my way out.  so excited i didn’t realize i would have to pay for the toilet at the metro station. so one euro later ($1.65), i made a promise to ‘go’ at every restaurant i could find and not make that mistake again. 
i speak very little french but enough to get around.  plus despite what i had heard about the french, people were so willing to help out.    i made it on the hot and not so romantic metro line, finally got off and just melted once i got outside.  every street was just lovely! yes there is the eiffle tower, museums and the seine river which everyone raves about. but for me it was just the beauty of everyday life that struck my heart.  
although i only spent 8 hours in paris; i feel in love fast and hard!  it will be in my heart for a long time… 

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