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Posted on: September 8, 2009

acne 9-08-09I stumbled upon a great thing the other day…

Toothpaste is a great acne cream!  I’m not sure what happened, but I left a little dab of it overnight and the next morning the zit I had on my chin was gone.   I tried it again in another spot the next night and voila!  They say if you have sensitive skin be careful with mint brands but my skin breaks out by just thinking about irritation and I had no problem.  I use an all natural toothpaste, so that may be the trick. It’s worth giving it a test run first to see.  But the next time you have a zit emergency, why not try a little toothpaste?    Certainly cheaper than those store bought creams and a spa visit.  


Anyone else got some helpful and inexpensive beauty hints?

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vicks vapor rub works for me. maybe vicks and toothpaste contain a similar ingredient that does the trick. but yea… when i get a zit i just put some vicks on it and by the next day or two days later at max the zit is like burned away.

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