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Hot off the Press: Please Sir Can I Have Some Moore…

Posted on: October 7, 2009

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i used to love watching the musical oliver as a child. the pull yourself up from your bootstraps story seemed just magical. but in reality there’s nothing fairytale about being poor. so there i sat in the theatre last night completely speechless. anyone that knows me and is reading this is in disbelief because i’m known for having full blown outbursts at the tv screen. i couldn’t find words for what i saw.

watching the latest documentary by michael moore was almost an out capitalism 10-09of  body experience. capitalism: a love story is masterful, funny and heart wrenching. you already know most of what he is telling. sadly because most of us are living it and that truth is hard to swallow. my stomach is still turning thinking about the ‘dead peasant’ clause. if you don’t know what i’m talking about you need to see the movie. the message is clear.

we can keep on focusing on the bottom line, $, and fame at the expense of people, common values, and love & we end up like rome. or we become change agents and do something different. my plea is that we as women step up to the plate and exercise our power. we have a unique perspective and energy. we have been blessed with the gift of knowing how to care for others. that’s what the Country and World needs right now. let’s get out there, lead and create a ‘love story’ of our own…

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