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I’m completely stuffed!  


After gouging my gut full of mac and cheese, candied yams, string beans, turkey and my favorite; stuffing!  I’m just full…and not just from the food. 

 All day folks were smiling at one another, saying hello to strangers and giving each other a helping hand.  The day was filled with joy, optimism and many thanks. Just divine…

Today folks have moved on and are right back to their cranky selves, but not me.  I’m working towards being thankful all the time.   I took the coins in my piggy bank to get counted at the bank.   I’m ballin out with 27 dollars and 58 cents!!!   It really is the small things that you may not even notice that add up to making each day a mini treasure.  We just have to take the time to stop and notice…

Hey I got up this morning. I’m alive!

I’ve got a warm roof over my head!!

I have family and friends who love me!!!

There’s so much to be grateful for!!!!

It’s time we celebrated a thanksgiving year.  I’ve already started cooking and found the recipe for making lemon pie out of all those lemons that make their way into my life…

precious 11-09i’ve been going back and forth the last few days about the movie Precious with some folks on a list serv (that shall rename nameless).   apparently the bloggers and pundits are going crazy because they feel the movie is stereotyping black women.    they are outraged and so am i…

i’m upset because i believe the movie is brilliant and can’t understand their bickering.   the film speaks volumes about the lives of so many girls across the country and worldwide (black and all other races).   so often we don’t like to face ugly facts about what the world is like for many girls and young women.  we are often the victims of violence, abuse and shame.  movies like Precious force us to see what society allows to happen to children.   why do we get angry at the person/artist that’s only mirroring the truth?  

okay, so there are probably not a lot of people who have experienced that many types of abuse and trauma.  so what, it’s not a documentary!   what i saw was a girl as a composite of what so many have been through.   Precious is me; she is all of us who are trying to break through unfortunate circumstances, low self-esteem and hatred. 

i was blessed with an opportunity in october to facilitate a workshop for teen girls that was part of a screening of the film sponsored by The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. (FFAWN).   nothing could have prepared any of us for what transpired.   it felt like an out of body experience as we watched the movie together.  a small panel of women including myself and Mary J Blige sat and shared our thoughts about the film.  as we passed the microphone around, girls and young women shared and spoke from the depts of their souls.

we were all so greatly touched by what the movie represented.  we were all in awe of how strong and powerful Precious was.   i have no doubt that there were lives that will never be same after watching the movie and participating in that discussion.    Precious is changing and may even be saving lives.  how could these bloggers and writers have a problem with that?

everyone has a right to an opinion so i’ll shout mine loud and clear. stereotyped image or not, Precious is a movie that needed to be made.   when you see it, you feel it, and leave searching inside of yourself because it speaks to a part of you that may have been buried for years. 

when i see Precious i see myself.  there may be pain, there may be sorrow but there’s also a women who has faith, perseverance and a will that is determined to rise above all… 

we’ve all constantly heard the buzz about This Is It since last week’s premiere.   even if you’re not a Michael Jackson fan it made one curious to see what all the fuss was about.  i never doubted that watching it would blow my mind.  he really was a genius…but when i sat down to watch the movie on Tuesday night i was taken to different place.  it was much bigger to me than listening to my favorite MJ songs or seeing him bust those amazing breakdance moves.  don’t get me wrong i’ve spent the last few days in the mirror ‘starting somethin’ but that wasn’t what made the movie so special to me.  i left feeling inspired to be greater. i left feeling an urge to live more fully. i left feeling excited about being me. 

i’m not so sad that Michael Jackson is not alive because he gave us everything he had from such a young age until he passed away. how many of us can say that?  he showed us his soul through his music and with his dance…very few can attest they have done the same. 

while watching the movie i could see that he worked hard and expected the best. the excerpts from the movie also showed a compassionate man who worked lovingly with his staff; not putting on airs or getting caught up in the stresses of the moment.     

i grew up dancing, so i was mesmerized watching him rehearse moves.  even if he was just walking through a step you could feel his energy.  he was always in tune with the music and his soul.  i want to be like that…

not just going through the motions of life but giving it my all even when the lights are dim and no one is watching.   Michael Jackson in this movie taught one amazing thing. to starting living like

mj blog 11-5-09 This IS it…

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