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Sage’s Rage: How grate are you?

Posted on: November 27, 2009

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I’m completely stuffed!  


After gouging my gut full of mac and cheese, candied yams, string beans, turkey and my favorite; stuffing!  I’m just full…and not just from the food. 

 All day folks were smiling at one another, saying hello to strangers and giving each other a helping hand.  The day was filled with joy, optimism and many thanks. Just divine…

Today folks have moved on and are right back to their cranky selves, but not me.  I’m working towards being thankful all the time.   I took the coins in my piggy bank to get counted at the bank.   I’m ballin out with 27 dollars and 58 cents!!!   It really is the small things that you may not even notice that add up to making each day a mini treasure.  We just have to take the time to stop and notice…

Hey I got up this morning. I’m alive!

I’ve got a warm roof over my head!!

I have family and friends who love me!!!

There’s so much to be grateful for!!!!

It’s time we celebrated a thanksgiving year.  I’ve already started cooking and found the recipe for making lemon pie out of all those lemons that make their way into my life…

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