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I’m heading for a very special treat tomorrow! 

I’m going on vacation and will be gone for a few days… 

No cell phone, email or text.  

Just quiet and nothing to do but just be. 


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I know you are wondering why I am blogging and not busy opening presents.  I just couldn’t help but steal away for a moment to share the wonderful gift I received today.

I am spending the holiday with my Mom and Dad!

Now this may seem like no big deal but my parents are divorced and have been for almost 15 years.   They get along great but it has been a long time since we spent Christmas all together as a family.  It’s just like old times.

Dad spent three hours in the bathroom getting ready for the day.  He gets all dressed up ‘cause he’s so excited about the holidays.   Mom is busily buzzing in and out of the kitchen in between shouts at CNN as she disagrees with the commentator.   I’m in between naps and text messages and snacks.  We’re all waiting for my brother to get off work so we can eat and give thanks and just be.   It’s what the holidays are truly all about.

We didn’t exchange things; we’re sharing lots of love.

We’re not fussing over turkey but are getting full from laughter and joy.

It seems like such simple things and yet means so much.

This Christmas was absolutely priceless…

I just wanted to share a little of that spirit with you…my extended family

Merry Christmas!

last night i was really panicking because i searched everywhere and couldn’t find my car keys.  i had walked all the way to the parking lot only to realize they weren’t in my bag or pockets.  i retraced my steps first to the bathroom, the mailroom then office but they were nowhere to be found.  just as i was about to get hot-faced, a voice told me to look in a bag i brought with me that morning.  i decided to check despite my thoughts telling me there was no way it could be in the bag.  i was so excited when my keys feel to the floor as i picked up the bag.  my evening was saved!    all because i took the time to listen and hear what my mind was telling me.  

the last couple of days everyone has been buzzing around like crazy and feeling the rush before the holidays.  some of us are shopping, some are trying to figure out what mom and dad got us when they went shopping.  others are trying to make deadlines and i feel for those of you who are in thick of exams at school. everyone is stressed and losing it more each day we get closer to 2010.

it’s times like this when you need daily communication with you.

give yourself a pep talk


take mini breaks to check in  

breathe and listen to how you’re feeling

if you’d rather be drinking eggnog than stuffing stockings; pour yourself a glass.

if you need a few winks before the final; get some R & R. 

just make sure to hear and follow through with what you say. 

remember this time of year is really supposed to be all about

Deaweh Benson is a Sophomore Psychology/English major at Spelman College.  When she first arrived on campus, she had no idea how she was going to afford four years at an institution that costs over $35,000 per year.   She didn’t let that challenge cause her to give up.    Deaweh chose to focus on what she could do to resolve the situation.  She worked hard to continue her academic achievements and spent many hours completing scholarship and internship applications.

She stayed focused to achieving her goal of attending the college of her dreams.  That hard work finally paid off; literally$$

Deaweh was recently named a finalist of the Executive Leadership Council’s National Essay Competition. She was selected as one of 10 college students across the country to receive this prestigious scholarship award.    This opportunity allowed her to take part in weeklong Honors Symposiums held in New York City and Washington, DC with Council members and senior corporate executives at several Fortune 500 companies.   She also received substantial financial assistance from Spelman College because she maintained good grades, showed leadership potential and was involved in extracurricular/community service activities.

When asked what advice she would give to teen girls, Deaweh says, “Never allow your socio-economic background, race, or gender to deter you from establishing goals and reaching them. Regardless of your circumstance, you have to be the one to believe in yourself first. If you don’t, then no one else will.”

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