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Sage’s Rage: Communication is Key

Posted on: December 18, 2009

last night i was really panicking because i searched everywhere and couldn’t find my car keys.  i had walked all the way to the parking lot only to realize they weren’t in my bag or pockets.  i retraced my steps first to the bathroom, the mailroom then office but they were nowhere to be found.  just as i was about to get hot-faced, a voice told me to look in a bag i brought with me that morning.  i decided to check despite my thoughts telling me there was no way it could be in the bag.  i was so excited when my keys feel to the floor as i picked up the bag.  my evening was saved!    all because i took the time to listen and hear what my mind was telling me.  

the last couple of days everyone has been buzzing around like crazy and feeling the rush before the holidays.  some of us are shopping, some are trying to figure out what mom and dad got us when they went shopping.  others are trying to make deadlines and i feel for those of you who are in thick of exams at school. everyone is stressed and losing it more each day we get closer to 2010.

it’s times like this when you need daily communication with you.

give yourself a pep talk


take mini breaks to check in  

breathe and listen to how you’re feeling

if you’d rather be drinking eggnog than stuffing stockings; pour yourself a glass.

if you need a few winks before the final; get some R & R. 

just make sure to hear and follow through with what you say. 

remember this time of year is really supposed to be all about

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I love this reminder! So frequently we can get so caught up in work, school, caring for others that we don’t take the time to simply reflect… meditate… spend quiet time with God to do that self check and evaluate where we are what we should be doing for us at that particular time. That’s my resolution for this year. Making sure I take time for me… listening to what I need and meeting that need. Then I will be so much more use to others.
Thanks Sage!!!

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