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Hot off the Press: All in the family

Posted on: December 25, 2009

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I know you are wondering why I am blogging and not busy opening presents.  I just couldn’t help but steal away for a moment to share the wonderful gift I received today.

I am spending the holiday with my Mom and Dad!

Now this may seem like no big deal but my parents are divorced and have been for almost 15 years.   They get along great but it has been a long time since we spent Christmas all together as a family.  It’s just like old times.

Dad spent three hours in the bathroom getting ready for the day.  He gets all dressed up ‘cause he’s so excited about the holidays.   Mom is busily buzzing in and out of the kitchen in between shouts at CNN as she disagrees with the commentator.   I’m in between naps and text messages and snacks.  We’re all waiting for my brother to get off work so we can eat and give thanks and just be.   It’s what the holidays are truly all about.

We didn’t exchange things; we’re sharing lots of love.

We’re not fussing over turkey but are getting full from laughter and joy.

It seems like such simple things and yet means so much.

This Christmas was absolutely priceless…

I just wanted to share a little of that spirit with you…my extended family

Merry Christmas!

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