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Sage’s Rage: I’M FAT

Posted on: March 6, 2010

Those words have been played in my head over and over; you would think it was my middle name.   My whole life I struggled with weight through all the diets and binges/purges of exercise.     One thing that I now realize it that food is not my enemy. 

It’s one of the most important things in life and I need to treat it with more respect.

This week Oprah had a show about beauty.  Jessica Simpson was talking about how she struggled with feeling bad about her weight.  Even though she’s a size 4, 6 at her ‘heaviest’!    If she has a problem then it’s clear something is amiss…

When is our obsession with weight and food going to stop?   Research is showing that the more we as a society uphold a thin standard of beauty and treat food like a threat; the more obese we are getting.  Something is totally wrong!

For those women of color in the reading audience who think it doesn’t apply, I challenge you to get real.   In the Black and Latino community, curves are a sign of beauty.  However, that doesn’t stop Black and Latina girls and women from picking our bodies apart.   Plastic surgery among women of color is one of the fastest growing markets.  We don’t eat right and are constantly making reference to what we should or should not be putting into our bodies.

Something is way off when we ‘watch’ what we eat but don’t ‘pay attention’ to the health benefits of the ingredients.  I recently saw the documentary ‘Food Inc’ and it knocked my socks off.  Even though for years I have chosen a diet of organic foods, I didn’t realize all the ramifications of consuming processed foods and warehouse raised meats/veggies.   

Ladies it’s time to stop the madness and get back to the basics.  You and I are not fat. What we are is not healthy!    We must eat food, real food that is.   Put the honor back into chomping down, cooking with love and allowing the ingredients to feed our bodies.   

Let’s set a new beauty standard where FAT doesn’t matter and HEALTH is the word played over and over in our heads…

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