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Hot off the Press: Cheers to Your Health

Posted on: March 22, 2010

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yesterday i was walking around our Nation’s capital and enjoying what felt like a gorgeous summer day.  it was feeling almost reminiscent of the hope i felt on Election Day 2008.   obama had campaigned about how our Nation could make bold changes to build back our country.  he spoke of how individual citizens could work towards the greater good.   as i peaked at the white house, i wondered if change had come. 

 would congress give the next generation a gift or would they let us down? today we know that they voted yes to the future and made a first step in making health and health care a priority.  

there have been endless debates about what obama and congress should do but i haven’t heard much from youth.  health matters and there’s so much in the bill that counts for you.  

how many 20 year olds do you know that can cover their own health insurance?  luckily now, they have been given a break.  the new bill allows parents to cover their children on their health insurance up to age 26 instead of the measly 18 year age limit that’s offered now.  

outside of all the health insurance stuff, there’s a lot of other great things that youth can get from it. 

money for education programs that help youth and parents understand how to take care of their health.  

more community resources to help youth and parents with their health.  

scholarship programs for students who are interested in pursuing careers in health.

they will even pay off student loans for those who become health professionals and work in neighborhoods that don’t have a lot of health workers.   

most of the items in the health care bill don’t go into effect for years (2014 some even 2020!).  so the reality is the legislation is for our future, it’s all for the youth…




so let’s celebrate the victory!!!

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