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Hot Off The Press: She’s spitting fire…

Posted on: April 17, 2010

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news the last few days has been non-stop about the volcano in southern Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier.   it’s been spitting out an ashy mess that can cause a lot of damage to an airplane; including engine failure.   air travel has been shut down for several days across most of northern europe and has affected millions of travelers. one of my facebook friend’s was sending minute by minute updates from an airport in london about the frustration of delayed passengers.  he’s not getting out until friday.  so he’s heading to the museums and an involuntary vacation (which he probably needs btw)…

because the volcano is sitting below an ice cap, the melted rock from the eruptions are cooling quickly; causing explosions and all those clouds of ash. today there were more mini-eruptions which means no take offs for a while. all of the travel delays has put a strain on a lot of people who want to get back to their offices, homes or meetings they had planned before this shut down.  everyone is in a huff and i think that’s just what Mother Nature wanted.   

i, like most people, sometimes feel like i’m running around like crazy trying to reach a deadline or get errands done .  so i’m not really paying enough attention to life around me.  for many of us the clock is ticking and we’re all set to go. but for what!  

this volcano could be sending a message that it’s time to stop the madness and chill out.  time to realize that we could use a break from our i-pads, blackberries and tweets.

i’m no weather genius.  that would be my brother The Weather Channel meteorologist, Alex Wallace (had to add in the shout out!).  but i’m thinking this eruption is a cry for help.  maybe just maybe, Planet Earth is reminding us that she’s in charge.   she stopped the clock so that we’d notice that she needs our attention.  

i’m not the ‘greenest’ person around, but i try to play my part in minimizing my waste by recycling and watching my electricity intake.    but sadly i know it’s just a drop in the bucket for what needs to be done.   i’m hoping that we begin to clean up our acts or we might see more angry volcanic outbursts and earthquake shutters until we decide to wake up and respect our planet the way she deserves.

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