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Crowning A Queen: Mobile Mogul

Posted on: June 3, 2010

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There are so many amazing women and girls who are doing great things. So each month, I’m giving props to ladies who are making it happen.

This month our queen is Amira Jackmon, owner of Get Jerked!, a mobile Caribbean inspired food truck.   Read about her love of food and entrepreneurship… 

                                                                                                                       Amira Jackmon was born and raised in California.  She attended Yale University and obtained a B.A. in Psychology.  She then went to Stanford Law School and practiced law in San Francisco for about seven years.  She always had a love of food but could have never imagined herself a chef.  However, a number of things occurred which led her to making food a central part of her life.

She decided to take a different course in her career and in February 2010 launched Get Jerked! – the Culinary Culture Clash on Wheels- a food truck that serves Caribbean inspired street food like tacos, sandwiches, burritos and burgers.   The food truck can be found at street fairs, bars/lounges, parks and is also available for catering in the San Francisco Bay area.  She recently hosted their first large scale event, a 1,000 person party at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California, where Get Jerked! was invited to be the sole hot food vendor.  In addition, to her busy schedule as an entrepreneur, Amira has a part time law practice and is the proud mother of a three year old son.

When asked what advice she would give to teen girls and young women about accomplishing their dreams Amira suggests, “To thine own self be true.”  “Listen to advice and counsel from others but, in the end, only you know what is best for you.  Stand by the choices that you make, even when your choices may not seem like the acceptable thing to do.  Then, if you need to, don’t be afraid to change gears and do something else.”

Amira is an inspiration to me because she has such a go getter attitude.      I’m a bit of a food snob and will never give applause to a restaurant when it’s not due.  All I can say about Get Jerked! is I want more…The food is fresh, the spices are out of this world and it’s like nothing you have tasted before.  

To learn more about Amira, Get Jerked! and her delicious treats, check out facebook and twitter@getjerked (, coming soon)

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