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Hot off the Press: Poets Passion

Posted on: June 23, 2010

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I’ve been going through a lot of changes in the last few weeks.  Many of which have kept me from writing this blog as much as I would like.  But I’ve been doing the best I can to go with the flow and learn from what is coming my way.  In the process I’ve seen things about my personality and emotional self that I’ve never caught glimpse of before.   Needless to say it could use a little work…

And I’m paying attention.   In this process I’ve been having moments of glee followed by bursting into tears.   All of which is exhausting but I’m determined to continue the growth.


I’m not sure if all the talk about Gen. Stanley McChrystal, got me thinking I about enlisting in the army…but I woke up this morning with military words tosslin’ through my mind.   So I jotted it down to share.  




I feel like I’ve gone through battle

Wounded but matured

Facing danger

Testing courage

Risking carefully

While my vulnerabilities are exposed


I see myself

I wonder

Is this my soul?



A mask anew?


Questioning makes me uncomfortable

Because it’s unfamiliar terrain I’m marching through

As I continue to tread quietly, I’m holding my breath

As if making a sound will awake the enemy


But there are no opponents in this war

My only weapon is faith

I’ve been assigned to pull the trigger

My mission

To know I’ve already won



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