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Sage’s Rage: Something New

Posted on: July 15, 2010

I always get the same polish on my nails. Neutral for my fingers; so when I type and chip it’s camouflaged. Fuchsia or burgundy for my toes…nice ‘n bright but goes with everything.  I get compliments and am happy with my mani-pedi every time. 

So I was shocked when my nail tech suggested I go green! I thought she was joking. I mean how could she be serious.  Green goes with what exactly? She insisted that she wasn’t going to spend another appointment polishing the same color on my toes. ‘You always get the same thing. Live a little and go for a change.’ I did and it was a huge hit!  Everyone noticed and embraced my toes plus the new me.  I love it and now I’m hooked on finding something new.  I’m sure I will choose my usual tone most of the time but every now and then I’m planning to mix things up.

So…what color should I get next?

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I felt like you were telling my story. I go through the same this with my hair, clothes, and yes… my nail color.

I would ALWAYS get a french pedi and clear mani. But last month I used powder pink by OPI. It did get some attention. However, last Thursday I really decided to live a little and get BRIGHT orange. The color is vermillionaire by esse. You can find it on this site.

OMG!!! So many people like it. And surprisingly enough… some how this bright orange actually goes with eerything I have worn so far.

I like it!!!! But, my mani is still clear. I guess I will eventually work on that. But one step at a time.

Good luck!

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