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Dr. Ramani knows how to get you to face issues with food.  As a therapist on the Bravo hit show Thintervention, she cuts right through excuses, denial and fear with a quick wit and fierce style. 


Dr. Ramani sits with Jackie Warner and the contestants striving to help them tackle the underlying issues driving their weight gain. 

 To say she is an accomplished woman is an understatement.  She is perfectly suited to provide expert advice.  She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Full Professor at California State University, Los Angeles.    But Dr. Ramani is so much more than her titles.  She’s a fresh face who knows how to speak to everyday people because she’s also one of us. 

Most of us watch reality shows in shock and awe of how crazy some folks can be.   I often get even more upset at the ‘advice’ participants are given by so called experts who have little more to offer than tongue and cheek tips based on a whim and not science.   As one of my close colleagues, I can assure you Dr. Ramani is the real deal. She has always been an avid supporter of providing accurate and proven therapeutic approaches to the masses.   

See talk therapy at it’s best and you’ll be amped to get fit while watching.   Check out Dr. Ramani for the season finale of Thintervention this Monday October 25th on Bravo 10pm (EST).   To learn more about Dr. Ramani visit her website or follow her at

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last night i was moved to tears…

i had the pleasure of being invited to attend the taping of the Black Girls Rock awards which will air on BET Nov 7th.   it was nothing short of extraordinary.   i sat with chills running through my body because of the power and magnitude of the event.   this is a show solely dedicated to the strength, beauty and courage of black women around the world.  every performance; every announcer and awardee spoke words of encouragement, hope and determination.  

i consider myself very blessed because i have parents who love me and told me i could be anything i wanted in life.  i believed them and aspired to be.  but even with their support and the prayers of my grandmother; it has been challenging to say the least.  

the event was like looking in a mirror and seeing myself in all my glory.  talking to my soul and reflecting back the potential i have for greatness.  those were healing tears i never know i needed to shed. 

the show is not only for black women. the audience was filled with women of all ethnic backgrounds, there were plenty of men and all of us were inspired.  i encourage everyone to watch when it airs Sunday Nov 7th on BET at 8pm (est) and spread the word…

i’ve been walking around in a funk these past few weeks.   feeling pretty bummed out by the state of the things in the Nation and especially for our youth.   i go through fits of rage when it seems like no one is working to make our land a better place for the next generation.   it looks like few are reaching back to carry our young people forward.  on the other hand, i throw up my hands at what seems like the insurmountable task of getting the ‘txt’ generation to focus for five seconds and take in the good will they are being offered from those few.   

while hosting a youth event last week, i felt a slight spark of hope which was quickly blown out when an eager 7th grader asked our ex addict turned successful guest speaker ‘who was your supplier?’; ‘what type of guns did you carry?’ our guest was speechless, never guessing he’d have been outwitted by 12 year olds.   alas, the task is great and i walked away feeling blue.   

then last night, i was fortunate to participate in a screening with producer Lesley Chilcott of the documentary, Waiting for Superman.   i can’t forget little Daisy and her amazing vision to become a veterinarian despite the gruesome odds of her making out of the mean streets of LA.  she will have to fight with will through elementary school, beat the pack past middle school and claw her way to graduate from high school with the requirements needed to get to college. then she’s still not home free, given a high rate of college freshmen never make it to sophomore year or graduation.  i’m exhausted for her but there was something in her eyes that shows she’s a fighter.  i can relate; i had the same drive and somehow i made it though public school. and so will she; daisy is an exception. but our country cannot survive resting on the laurels of the daisy’s of the world. 

i continue to flip flop through my days.  my mission resolved that it may be a long road and i don’t know the outcome but one thing’s for sure, our youth have no hope if i, you, we don’t give it an old fashioned try USA style…

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