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Sage’s Rage: why wait?

Posted on: October 9, 2010

i’ve been walking around in a funk these past few weeks.   feeling pretty bummed out by the state of the things in the Nation and especially for our youth.   i go through fits of rage when it seems like no one is working to make our land a better place for the next generation.   it looks like few are reaching back to carry our young people forward.  on the other hand, i throw up my hands at what seems like the insurmountable task of getting the ‘txt’ generation to focus for five seconds and take in the good will they are being offered from those few.   

while hosting a youth event last week, i felt a slight spark of hope which was quickly blown out when an eager 7th grader asked our ex addict turned successful guest speaker ‘who was your supplier?’; ‘what type of guns did you carry?’ our guest was speechless, never guessing he’d have been outwitted by 12 year olds.   alas, the task is great and i walked away feeling blue.   

then last night, i was fortunate to participate in a screening with producer Lesley Chilcott of the documentary, Waiting for Superman.   i can’t forget little Daisy and her amazing vision to become a veterinarian despite the gruesome odds of her making out of the mean streets of LA.  she will have to fight with will through elementary school, beat the pack past middle school and claw her way to graduate from high school with the requirements needed to get to college. then she’s still not home free, given a high rate of college freshmen never make it to sophomore year or graduation.  i’m exhausted for her but there was something in her eyes that shows she’s a fighter.  i can relate; i had the same drive and somehow i made it though public school. and so will she; daisy is an exception. but our country cannot survive resting on the laurels of the daisy’s of the world. 

i continue to flip flop through my days.  my mission resolved that it may be a long road and i don’t know the outcome but one thing’s for sure, our youth have no hope if i, you, we don’t give it an old fashioned try USA style…

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Absolutely… “giving it an old fashion try… USA style” I guess the questions that sometimes arise is “what do I have to offer and… how do I offer it… where do I begin?”

begin where you feel the most passionate. there are lots of places to volunteer. in new york the city has a great organization called nycservice where you can be matched up with a local nonprofit to serve. you can also be the friendly face that smiles and encourages our youth in your day to day interactions with them…start somewhere small and the rest will follow

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