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Sage’s Rage: ‘Union gives strength to the humble’- Syrus

Posted on: November 3, 2010

 ‘Auxilia humilia firma consensus facit’- 

humility was certainly the feeling i had yesterday when i was squinting my eyes trying to read the ballot.   i circled the wrong candidate and had to start over again.  but i was determined to get my vote counted.  and apparently there were many others…


this past mid-term election has led to some changes in our government and the balance of power has shifted sides.  but regardless of which party you align with most are not satisfied; some are quite angry.   i find the whole thing very sad because America is the land of diversity and therein lies our richness.  it’s time for the government to value a more feminine style of leadership; take the high road , unite and work towards progress.  there’s got to be some things we can all agree on; like the fact that we don’t want to see our Nation deteriorate to a rotten core.  

it’s time to stop acting out US Congress! suck it up; hold hands and take care of our Country as you have been elected to do…

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Agree…stop the madness and get some work done!

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