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Crowing A Queen: Resolute Racer Ashley Fiolek

Posted on: April 9, 2011

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last night i was jumping up and down, screaming with glee at the tv while watching 106 & park! freestyle fridays  has always been a favorite of mine because it takes me back to the old school days when hip hop was pure and reigned supreme.  normally i’m not so impressed with the skills of the rappers but this year there was blind fury;  the most amazing mc.  he flows with such ease, it’s a delight to listen to the rhymes.  last night he became a champion not just for his poetic ability but he showed us that being born blind doesn’t limit his vision to do great things.   i’ve learned a lot from him, as well as marlee matlin, who is currently on this season’s celebrity apprentice.  she is so dynamic, confident, and smart.  she never allows her physically challenge to stop her from pursuing what she wants to achieve.  

so imagine my awe when i read about Ashley Fiolek, a 20 year old motocross racer, which is a highly male dominated field.  ashley is deaf and is also the two-time national women’s motocross champion.  she became the youngest champion ever and was the first female rider on the cover of a motocross publication (she appeared in Transworld Motocross).  in a Marie Claire article, Ashley states “being a deaf rider, i can’t hear the other bikes behind me.  i don’t know where my competition is on the track until i get to a corner and i can turn and look.”  however, she takes that challenge and turns it into a strength by using the fact that she can’t hear to “shut out the distractions and just think about my goal: to win.”  

Ashley inspires me to do better no matter what challenges may come my way.   she is resolute and doesn’t see limits which allows her to reach higher and higher.   she’s learned to dust off the scrapes and bruises and keep going until she meets the mark.   

are you holding back from a dream, idea, or adventure that your heart desires?  are you allowing a challenge, whether physical, economic, family or emotional, to stop you cold?    make a promise to yourself today to try it anyway. you never know how far you can go…

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