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Sage’s Rage: Getting Into Shape for Spring

Posted on: April 18, 2011

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Its been a while since I lifted weights.  Although I run, my muscles barely exist anymore. So I decided to make a change and get back on it track.  Day one I start and I can’t make it to 10 by the second rep! I knew it was bad but I can’t believe it’s that bad…

Then I remember the words of Lauren Lake at the Women of Excllence, Strength and Tenacity, Inc. (WEST) conference I attended last week.  Focusing on the theme of strength, the conference was a day of empowerment, healing and learning for women and girls.  Ms. Lake, the amazing attorney turned media guru on CNN and host of HGTV’s Spice Up My Kitchen, gave us a rousing speech about how strength training is a meterphor for life.

She states the definition of strength is the will to move beyond obstacles and thrive. Her must do list of strength training for life is that:
1-u need a program and a plan
2-u need support
3- u want to have a good and balanced diet (pos thinking, time management, getting rid of people who are not good for us)
4-u need contingencies for when things go wrong (what to do when fear, low self esteem, anxiety kicks in)
5- u should be stretching and warming up (taking oneself beyond your comfort zone)
6-u need to be flexible (go with the flow and be willing to change)
7-u must get you heart pumping (find out what your passions are and go for it)
8- ur goal is to build muscles-for carrying and letting go of excess baggage (past hurts/guilt/drama)
9-u want to also build ur core (you can’t get far in life without truly knowing who u are)
10-u should never forget to cool down (make it a priority to take a moment for yourself)

I’m just getting started with strength training and its no walk in the park. But I’ve learned to never give up in life and I’m not gonna give up here. There will be pain and days that I just don’t want to deal. But I’ve got my Lauren Lake toolbox to keep me motivated and one day soon I’ll be buff and strong!

To learn more about WEST and the great work they are doing with girls/young women visit the website:

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