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Sage’s Rage: Not quite SATC part II

Posted on: May 31, 2011

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even though we have had a sex and the city movie or two, most women i know are really missing the fab four! so imagine how excited i was to hear about the new vh1 series ‘single ladies’…

the show follows three female friends in atlanta, georgia and their dating/marriage dramas. i knew that it couldn’t possibly be another SATC chapter in history but i was hoping for the best.

last night i watched the two hour movie which is a preview of the season.   there were twists and turns, but just too many for a girl to follow in one sitting!  i’m not sure why they chose to put so much into one show and i don’t want to imagine a season filled with that much craziness.  tv these days is mostly a hit and miss situation but i really hoped they would do a little better. 

yes, some spice is nice but does it have to get that hot?  there were sex scenes every 30 seconds i could barely keep up with the story line.   all the ladies were dressed in tightly clad clothes, dressed to the 9s and drippin in jewels.   i understand the lead player is a fashion mogul but this was over the top.   very little good judgement was used by the women and there wasn’t much dept to their characters at all. it was just flat and mostly trash…

i’m yearning for a show that will portray stories that connect

i’m waiting for a show that reflect the lives of real women

i’m beggin for a show that displays the challenges that we face not just in our sex lives but with our families, work, and the growing pains of life.  

maybe next week ‘single ladies’ will get better, but i’m not holding my breath…

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