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Hot off the Press: Stage Fright

Posted on: June 6, 2011

i have new favorite show! it’s The Voice on NBC.  this is not your run of the mill singer competition which seems staged and cartoonish.  The Voice producers searched for real singers whose talents go without question and had them coached by some of music’s best (judges-Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine). Each week singers compete with one another for a shot at the top record deal prize.  It’s so amazing to listen to the performances, all of which are available on itunes as downloads.  Viewers comment on the show live via text and twitter.  The show is really fresh and on the pulse.  

I’ve learned a lot about what it takes for a singer to succeed and I’ve watched on the edge of my seat as some singers have failed on stage because of fright.   Last week it was the battle of  the ‘shy’ girls.   Sarah Oromchi- 18 year old songtress vs. Xenia a 16 year old dynamite.  Both of them were visibly nervous and missed more than a bar or two.  Squeaky, pitchy and struggling to use their breath; what came out was average at best.   I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for them both, knowing they could have done so much more had they believed in their talent.  In the end, Xenia won that race but she won’t stand a chance in the next round if she’s matched with someone having more confidence.  

I know it’s often hard for teen girls to stand up and face the world with their heads held high.   I know it’s a challenge for teen girls to speak up for themselves and what they believe in. But just like those two teen contestants on The Voice,  there are once in a lifetime opportunities depending on your self-esteem.    You must believe that you can achieve in order for it to happen…

Tomorrow the competition continues…who’s gonna win your confidence vote? hit me up and let me know who you think rocks both inside and out!

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I love Casey Weston…I have seen her perform live on 2 separate occasions. The first time I saw her she was performing at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, FL. The second time she was opening for local favorite John Anderson…if she was nervous then, she did not show it.

The show does not even do justice to her strong voice. She is not very experienced (has only been performing a few years) but has so much talent and although she does appear to be nervous on the show – she hits the notes she needs to. I’ll be watching the live shows for sure.

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