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Hot Off The Press: Travelblog- Party Plane to China

Posted on: July 26, 2011

Taking time off to reflect and refresh is an important part of leading a successful life.  You can’t climb the ladder if you’re tired and running out of steam.  So I’m a firm believer in taking time for vacations and trips away.    It gives me energy and inspires my creativity. Which is why I grabbed at the opportunity to travel to China last week.  Ladies, we’ve got to see the world to understand what a difference we can make in it!


 I have to admit I was completely dreading being on a plane for 13hours. I was even more terrified of the jetlag that would be waiting on my arrival given China is 12 hours ahead of NYC.  So I prepped like a soldier getting ready for war.  I drank tons of water (my motto is H20 is the elixir of God and cures everything).  I packed a thousand snacks for the flight because I wasn’t gonna be stuck starving. I carried some light reading to help me count down the hours.  I then stayed up the entire night before so I would fall asleep as soon as I got on the plane.  I get on my Continental flight, head to the cheap seats and I’m greeted by two lovely ladies who would be my aisle partners for the flight.  We signed in horror when the lady with a screaming baby (later to become a kicking monster) sat behind us. Despite the disturbance I fell asleep 30mins after we lifted off.  When I awoke I decided to check out a movie. Much to my surprise there was an amazing music selection which had me jamming to tunes for most of the flight. It put my ipod to shame and I was dancing in my seats the whole time. I almost broke out in song a few times I was so inspired!  I finally got two movies in as well and just as the credits of Julia and Julie were over, we landed in Beijing. I’ve never had so much fun on a plane.  And guess what? I jumped right into the timezone, no jetlag and never looked back! Stay tuned for my three part travelblog…

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