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Hot Off The Press: Travelblog- Historical Sights

Posted on: July 29, 2011

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Taking time off to reflect and refresh is an important part of leading a successful life.  You can’t climb the ladder if you’re tired and running out of steam.  So I’m a firm believer in taking time for vacations and trips away.    It gives me energy and inspires my creativity. Which is why I grabbed at the opportunity to travel to China last week.  Ladies, we’ve got to see the world to understand what a difference we can make in it!
I had the pleasure of using a Chinese toilet while touring the famous Summer Palace. Royal I did not feel while squatting and peeing. But my Liberian roots did me well and I made it through like the African Queen I am.  Despite that adventure, the Summer Palace was extraordinary. An immense structure of intricately designed architecture, a large lake, majestic trees and the most beautiful lotus flowers you have ever seen. Summer Palace was the place that Empress Dowager Cixi (also known as Dragon Lady) imprisoned her son so she could rule China for 60 years! China has had several female rulers another area the US needs to catch up with soon!
Forbidden City is the famous palace across from Tienanmen Square. It took hundreds of years to build this unbelievable mass. There is no way to describe the scale of the walls and all the buildings which housed the emperors, all his eunuchs and concubines (up to 1000 they say). The hand painted markings and intricate carvings are so masterful. All hundreds of acres are perfectly symmetrical and everything has a symbolic meaning.  It makes you inspired at the level of vision they must have had to decide to even attempt building the space. I’ve learned on this trip that the Chinese think big and get things done fast!
I was sweating like a pig on a roast climbing the steps of the Great Wall of China. God blessed us all with a foggy day because the baking sun on my back would have likely killed me. Still despite walking around in what felt like a wet suit, my breath was taken away by the immense beauty of the place.  Its hard to imagine that the wall is 4000 miles (longer than the span of the US). This wonder of the world took several hundred years to build.  I can’t imagine the sacrifice it took the workers to hawl all those bricks up the mountains in the same heat I encountered. I say a pray of gratitude for what they endured so all these years later I could have the pleasure of enjoying this gift!

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