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This looks like a great opportunity for girls interested in writing!   Please forward your questions to the contact below, as I am not directly affiliated with the program.


Blueprint: 4 Health’s (B: 4H) is a comprehensive initiative to inspire women
of color to live healthier stronger active lives. B:4H’s goal is to create a
space to inform and raise awareness that with small changes and good health care, you can develop better habits and be the best you! It starts with taking action, promoting change, and prosperity with family and friends.

They are looking for talented student health writers to write general interest stories that will include event coverage, health news, fitness, and nutrition to name a few. The site will launch in mid-August. To be considered for this internship please send 3-5 clips, resume and your reason for applying for this internship to

**Unpaid internship for credit or portfolio building only. This internship is solely bases online, submissions from all areas will be considered**

The last time I went to Paris in 2009, I was overjoyed and wrote about it in my blog
This trip took it to the next level.  Check out part 1…
I’m so enthralled I can’t get the other la out of my mouth. I’m transfixed with the gorgeous architecture and how the blue sky matches perfectly with smell of hot croissants.   They say you either love or hate Paris and I am totally smitten.   I feel so instantly at home as I walk around the maze that is Paris.   I kept calling the city majestic and IT IS.   The buildings and the old architecture just make you fall in love with the beauty of the place.  The amazing iron rod balconies juxtaposed with light colored buildings which are all styled in the same form standing guard along curving narrow roads. Just so quaint and old world sophisticated but modern at the same time.   Unlike my trip to China, I have a slight bit of jet lag that I fight tooth and nail.  But this glorious city makes it easy as I take a two hour walk to Luxembourg Gardens where the flowers are in full bloom.   I catch a glimpse of a free art exhibit by an African photographer where I lose myself for almost an hour.  One of my intentions for this trip was to soak up the essence of France and allow it to spark my creativity.   I can definitely check that off my list because from the start I was taken away…
Walking along Rue Saint-Honore, the fifth avenue of Paris, is like a 3D adventure through Vogue’s September issue.  The best the fashion world has to offer for blocks and blocks; it is sure to cause even a Black card to max!   It’s just unbelievable the amazing sense of style that Parisian’s have.   You won’t catch folks slacking even on the weekends.  I was really transfixed by the choice of color and textures, particularly of the men.  We’re talking tight slacks with fitted shirts and blazers accessorized with a hat or scarf.  No color was off limits and everything they wore looked classy and oozed sex appeal.   French ladies were always feminine and that walk! a slight sashay…I’m still trying to emulate.    I fell in love with the Colette store especially the sample styles on the upper floor.   My wardrobe will never quite feel the same again. 
As an entrepreneur I was also very happy to see how much the city values the many small businesses which lined the streets.  Boulangeries, restaurants, jewelry shops, and many many boutiques; all owned by locals.   That support of local business reminded me of NYC which also has a similar vibe.  It gives the city a flair and each neighborhood has a unique quality.    I don’t know why people have mentioned the French are not friendly people. I found the exact opposite. They may not be extremely affectionate if they do not know you but as a New York dweller I’m not looking for all that.   I found the Parisian’s to be wonderfully gracious hosts to their city, enlightened about world affairs and especially proud of their distinct and rich culture.   Two weeks of this and my cup will be running wildly over…
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I am really diggin’ the website, which provides up to date media news, fashion and relationship columns that ladies are sure to love. This site is put together by Cherry Martinez, journalist and radio host of Power 105.1 (NYC).  

Check out a post from this week which is on the money about the crazy images being put out there in urban media. I especially like the line, “more balance is needed in urban culture to show that there are talented people of all body types, especially for women.”

Bringing The Real Sexy Back: The Disproportion Of Male And Female Body Image In Urban Media

– by God-is Rivera

Not long ago, I was passing by a newsstand and happened to catch a glimpse of the most recent issue of Smooth magazine. I noticed a completely pore-less, voluptuous Black model, hair for days, flawless makeup, with a waist to hip ratio that would make even Serena Williams insecure and a derrière that would make Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez consider butt implants. Feeling a little depressed about my own perfectly fit and healthy body, I turned to the music magazines to take my mind off not looking like a perfect Coke bottle. I almost choked on my Coolatta when I spotted the cover of Vibe magazine’s “Sexy Issue” with hip-hop artist Rick Ross plastered on the front…shirtless, proud, draped in oversized chains and his flabby, grossly overweight torso covered in tattoos. As I stood open-mouthed and stared back and forth at both covers, my mind almost could not comprehend how utterly ridiculous the disproportion of male and female body images in urban media has become.

In recent years, women in urban culture have become increasingly sexy, glamorous and downright visually perfect. With the advancement of new cosmetic procedures like butt and breast enhancement surgery and undetectable weaves, women are expected to look downright perfect. Even actresses and models in their mid-forties (i.e. LisaRaye McCoy, Stacey Dash, Vanessa Williams) are looking half their age and like they never even been close to being pregnant even though they have all had children. No one has one stretch mark? No one has just a little cellulite?

The new technology of graphic design program Adobe Photoshop has also single-handedly changed the way photos in online and print publications are perceived. Almost like a magic wand, Photoshop allows images to be completely manipulated, which often results in distorted photos of women bearing impossible features like waists that have inches shaved off, rumps that have cushion added, pores and skin marks that have been virtually erased and skin that has been lightened or changed. With these misleading images being pimped in the media, young women (and even older women too) have been going to great lengths to mirror these unnatural trends, sometimes even going as far as to meet their own demise. Such was the case with Tameka Raymond, ex-wife of mega-star singer Usher, who had a close brush with death after complications arose during a routine liposuction procedure, and most notably the untimely passing of Donda West, mother of hip-hop producer and rapper Kanye West, who died after an adverse reaction to a cosmetic procedure.

The madness doesn’t stop there. As much as women are expected to look perfect, urban media has certainly loosened the physical reigns on hip-hop culture’s male representatives. Several men in urban culture are far from having ideal physical physiques. Obese rappers Fat Joe and Rick Ross have been overweight for years, but in each new video, they are surrounded with women with goddess-like bodies. Southern artists like Wacka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane see much fame, but no one even comments on their noticeably non-toned bodies, which are also usually covered in tattoos. And being overweight isn’t always the issue; top artists like Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy often look severely underweight, with physiques that are nowhere near perfect. Gone are the LL Cool J and Ginuwine days where male artists boasted chiseled chests and made the fellas bop their heads and the ladies swoon. In today’s hip-hop, only the women have to look perfect.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not that shallow to think that every single person on TV should have the figure of a Barbie or Ken doll, but I do believe that more balance is needed in urban culture to show that there are talented people of all body types, especially for women. For the health of our daughters, hopefully soon there will be some balance brought back to the eyes of urban media.

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Imagine my surprise when I looked up from my magazine read on the subway to see this!

I just kept thinking, this little bugger better not slither into my purse!

No snakes onboard please. I know you feel me ladies…

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Young women leaders looking to gain more training and networking opportunities consider applying to the below fellowship at NYU.   Please contact the program below, as I am not affiliated with the program.


The Research Center for Leadership in Action at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is now accepting applications for the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service.

The fellowship offers a chance for a diverse group of recent college graduates to:       
• Deepen their understanding of the public service landscape through discussions with senior leaders in the field;
• Gain a clear assessment of their leadership strengths and style and develop their leadership knowledge and skills;
• Receive ongoing mentorship;
• Think strategically about and plan for their careers based on personal assessments and their unique goals; and
• Build a support network of other talented, dynamic leaders in public service.  The program begins in November 2011 and runs through May 2012. Fellowship sessions are twice each month offer structured leadership and professional development opportunities to help Fellows define their path in public service.
Program elements include:
• Speaker Series. Fellows hear from senior executives across the spectrum of public service organizations. Speakers offer insights into their own career trajectories, guidance on practical strategies for succeeding in public service, and analysis of timely issues and trends.
• Personal Exploration. Fellows engage in workshops that help them explore their strengths, interests and goals, and develop a personalized career plan.
• Fellows Network. One of the most valuable resources and sources of support for fellows as they move through their public service careers is the other extraordinary fellows. From the very beginning of the fellowship, participants have the opportunity to get to know each other through various activities and events. Upon completion of the program, fellows become part of an active professional alumni network.

To be eligible for the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service, applicants must be working full-time in public service in New York City. (Internships and part-time work don’t meet this requirement.) Applicants may not currently be engaged in another significant fellowship program, and they must commit to attending all fellowship sessions, including a day-long Orientation on November 5, 2011. There is no cost to apply for or participate in the program.

The deadline to apply is noon EST on Tuesday, August 30, 2011.

More information and applications are available at:
For questions, please email

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