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Sage’s Rage: Ohh La

Posted on: August 26, 2011

The last time I went to Paris in 2009, I was overjoyed and wrote about it in my blog
This trip took it to the next level.  Check out part 1…
I’m so enthralled I can’t get the other la out of my mouth. I’m transfixed with the gorgeous architecture and how the blue sky matches perfectly with smell of hot croissants.   They say you either love or hate Paris and I am totally smitten.   I feel so instantly at home as I walk around the maze that is Paris.   I kept calling the city majestic and IT IS.   The buildings and the old architecture just make you fall in love with the beauty of the place.  The amazing iron rod balconies juxtaposed with light colored buildings which are all styled in the same form standing guard along curving narrow roads. Just so quaint and old world sophisticated but modern at the same time.   Unlike my trip to China, I have a slight bit of jet lag that I fight tooth and nail.  But this glorious city makes it easy as I take a two hour walk to Luxembourg Gardens where the flowers are in full bloom.   I catch a glimpse of a free art exhibit by an African photographer where I lose myself for almost an hour.  One of my intentions for this trip was to soak up the essence of France and allow it to spark my creativity.   I can definitely check that off my list because from the start I was taken away…
Walking along Rue Saint-Honore, the fifth avenue of Paris, is like a 3D adventure through Vogue’s September issue.  The best the fashion world has to offer for blocks and blocks; it is sure to cause even a Black card to max!   It’s just unbelievable the amazing sense of style that Parisian’s have.   You won’t catch folks slacking even on the weekends.  I was really transfixed by the choice of color and textures, particularly of the men.  We’re talking tight slacks with fitted shirts and blazers accessorized with a hat or scarf.  No color was off limits and everything they wore looked classy and oozed sex appeal.   French ladies were always feminine and that walk! a slight sashay…I’m still trying to emulate.    I fell in love with the Colette store especially the sample styles on the upper floor.   My wardrobe will never quite feel the same again. 
As an entrepreneur I was also very happy to see how much the city values the many small businesses which lined the streets.  Boulangeries, restaurants, jewelry shops, and many many boutiques; all owned by locals.   That support of local business reminded me of NYC which also has a similar vibe.  It gives the city a flair and each neighborhood has a unique quality.    I don’t know why people have mentioned the French are not friendly people. I found the exact opposite. They may not be extremely affectionate if they do not know you but as a New York dweller I’m not looking for all that.   I found the Parisian’s to be wonderfully gracious hosts to their city, enlightened about world affairs and especially proud of their distinct and rich culture.   Two weeks of this and my cup will be running wildly over…

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