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Sage’s Rage: Foie Gras, Faux Pas?

Posted on: September 3, 2011

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I don’t eat meat but I was really intrigued to try the traditional french dish, Foie Gras. I gave it a whirl and boy was I glad I did.  It’s a rich, creamy duck gravy which combines with the unexpected texture of what tasted to me like boiled egg. It doesn’t sound so tasty but was really delightful to eat.   I only took a few bites for fear my digestive tract would be put on overdrive. Food and Paris go hand in hand and I got my fill on this trip…

It was recommended that I try  L’arbre de sel, a Korean restaurant in the 6e (Saint Germaine de Pres).  Though I’ve never had Korean food before, after my China trip I figured I could try anything.  My meal included deliciously seasoned delights; a vegatable pancake like appetizer that you dip in soy sauce and a stir fry bbq  chicken dish with a spicy twist.  After being blown away by those bites, I got adventurous. I tried Kemchi, which is fermented cabbage (an acquired taste that’s not for me).  Despite that, I can’t wait try Korean spots in NYC (any suggestions welcome). 

Paris is a place where making the most of life is paramount.   They take their time to smell the roses and their fabulous wine:)    So imagine the drama I caused when one night I decided I would soak up the evening by having dinner at a local french restaurant while getting some work done.  I figured it was a great way to spend a night if I had to be on my laptop.  But the locals saw it a different way.  How sad to them that I was working, while everyone else is taking time to rest and focus on food, friends and fun.  

I learned quickly to stop my addictive multitasking and from that day on when it was time eat that’s all I did.  Silly Americans…we just don’t know how to enjoy.  When in Paris, do as the French and who wouldn’t want to enjoy life at a slower pace, valuing the richness in art and reveling in the sophistication of the language and impeccable style of the people.  Next stop, Paris!  I honestly can say I cannot wait for the next time to visit Paris.  It offers the best of what a city can offer…

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