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Sage’s Rage: Giving birth…

Posted on: September 23, 2011

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I’m a little late to comment on the final episode of my now favorite reality TV show, Laurieann Gibson’s Born to Dance.   Some of you know that I am a little biased in that I was given the gift to dance and did for many years.  But I can honestly say it was NOT nostalgia that gives this show a huge thumbs up for me.   It is by far the most inspiring and positive image  on TV I have seen lately of young women and their pursuit of success.   I must admit I didn’t want to give Laurieann a chance given the way she was portrayed on Making the Band.  But for the first episode I decided to use the 10min rule and by minute five I was hooked. 

Each week she worked with the girls to bring out their inner strength, she did not sugarcoat how hard it is to achieve one’s dreams and she created a supportive environment for the girls to lean on each other.   Most of all, she has called me and so many other viewers to push harder to birthing as many of  our dreams as our souls can imagine…I cannot wait to see what season two will inspire us to do.  

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