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Camp G.O.A.L.S. (Greater Opportunities Advancing Leadership and Science) for Girls is an application-based FREE six-week summer camp for current 8th and 9th grade girls from NYC public schools. 
50-55 accepted students will build proficiency in math and science.
Applications are due April 6th
Location: Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Generously funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation.
For more information click the below link for details:

I had to jump out of my seat and write a quick post.  I am SOO inspired by the celebration/home-going service for Whitney Houston which is currently being aired on many channels and on the internet as I write.

I want to thank her family for sharing this moment with us.  More importantly the powerful healing spirit of the Black church is being broadcast all over the country/world right now!  This is such an amazing moment for those of us believers.  God is so good!

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No Longer Empty (NLE) is seeking for 4 teens to participate in our Youth Docent Program in The Bronx in Spring.  No Longer Empty (NLE) is a dynamic public art organization that transforms empty spaces into public art exhibitions with accompanying programs.

No Longer Empty is calling for submissions for teenagers to get involved in the art world through the Youth Docent Program. The purpose of the program is to offer teens the opportunity to participate in the unique and creative process of staging a contemporary art exhibition, working with artists and discussing “What Is Public Art?” In addition, teens will develop their skills in public speaking, critical thinking and media literacy.

It is a great opportunity to get involved in the arts as well as obtain a professional experience in the field.Check out information about the program here No Longer Empty teen program application  

 Deadline for applications is March 1st.


Opening Minds | Transforming Lives | Enriching Communities

Deadline for Y-DOT Applications : MARCH 1

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i’m tired of folks bad mouthing our youth. i’ve had it with those who bemoan that no one is doing anything about it.  there are thousands of leaders out there doing their thing. quietly fighting the good fight, making a difference and showing youth love…

lift your spirits by watching what is right; community leaders taking back the streets.

support the documentary ‘interrupters’ on PBS today…

FRONTLINE follows a group of former gang leaders trying to “interrupt” shootings and protect their communities from the violence they once committed. The film follows the inner workings of CeaseFire, an innovative program in Chicago designed to prevent shootings, including weekly meetings where the interrupters report on the simmering disputes and the senseless shootings in their neighborhoods.

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today Jay-Z  and Beyonce posted photos of their daughter Baby Blue.

they did so in style with the grand reveal of her very own website

no doubt that site is blowing up right now cause everyone wants a piece of little miss ivy.   some have said all this exposure can’t be good for a child.  but i disagree.

it takes a village to raise a child and if we do it right, millions of us over the next two decades could help bring blue ivy into her own.   sending her love, giving sage (no pun intended) advice, applauding her success and most importantly forgiving the mistakes she is sure to make.

all the hysteria over the carter birth can be refocused to launch a ‘national campaign’ to promote family values, a sense of community and commitment to our children.  the fixation with how cute she is will hopefully allow us to see how adorable all of our youth are.  IF we do it right.

so visit the site, talk all you want, become a fan of B.I. but remember that just like any other kid, a life is at stake and how we act towards her matters…

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