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I’ve always loved books.  I’m sure in my past life I was a librarian!  Many people don’t know I have secret collection of children’s books.  One of my favorite things is reading picture books to toddlers, acting out the characters, seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes as we explore the many worlds reading can take you…

I have the pleasure of serving on the Bank Street Children’s Book committee (CBC). Formerly known as the Child Study Association, CBC has been selecting and evaluating trade children’s books for over a century and publishing recommended reading guides.

Reading to children is one of the most important things a parent can do to help encourage in their children academic achievement, creativity, social skills. Plus it’s just plain FUN.   Our committee just released two amazing resources:

Best Children’s Books of the Year

Each year our committee reviews the slate of newly published children’s books and make recommendations for the Best Children’s Books of the year.  The list is compiled by age and is FREE!  Here is our list for 2012!

Read Aloud List

How do parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers know which books are the best to read aloud to children?

Look no further, our committee read, reviewed, and annotated the best of the best read alouds to create The Best Books to Read Aloud with Children of All Ages.  A Bank Street College Innova Grant provided funding for marketing and technical conversion of content provided by CBC volunteers.

The Best Books To Read Aloud eBook is for sale for only $2.99 in the following formats:

(Those without an eReader can download a free Amazon Kindle app or a free Barnes & Noble Nook app for computers, tablets, and smart phones.)

To learn more about Bank Street Children’s Book Committee visit
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today is Earth Day! every human being should celebrate because it’s our home.  

when i was a college student i signed up to be hallway green captain.  i had no idea what environmentalism was; i just liked the name.  as i started to encourage my roomies to recycle, being aware of what we put in the earth began to made sense to me. the next year i put together an event for my Sorority on campus. it was a guest speaker who introduced us to environmental injustice. i couldn’t believe there are communities that get dumped on (literally).  toxic waste sites, pollution filled factories, contaminated soils near homes, schools and playgrounds!  that was the aha moment for me (i watch too much Oprah).  

my journey refocused to care not just about my life but everyone’s.  i’m not hard core with it. i don’t go around picketing places, i just make small steps to use less energy, eat organic and local food, buy from companies that have more green policies and of course i continue to recycle…

this Earth Day think about what you can do…this video that will hopefully inspire ur steps

Earth Day Video

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Lead the Way 2012 Fellowship:

For Emerging Women of Color Executive Directors & Mid-Level Managers
At the Eden Roc Resort in Miami Beach, Florida

July 31-August 5, 2012
Mid-Level Managers Retreat

August 14-19, 2012
Executive Directors Retreat

About the Fellowship

Lead the Way: Building the Pipeline of Women of Color in the Non-Profit
Sector is a year-long fellowship hosted by the Women of Color Policy
Network at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School
of Public Service for women of color mid-level managers and emerging
Executive Directors working in U.S. based non-profit and community-based
organizations. Each year, the Network selects two national cohorts of
15-20 fellows to attend an intensive five-day intensive leadership
retreat and participate in continued learning throughout the year. Over
the fellowship year, participants receive over 60 hours of instruction,
technical assistance and one-on-one coaching.

Applications are due April 26, 2012, by 3:00pm EST. Click here

as a Christian, i’m celebrating our highest holiday weekend.   i remember as a young girl crying as i watched tv specials on Good Friday about Jesus wearing a thorn crown and being beaten before getting hung on a cross. it felt so wrong to my little girl self.  i couldn’t fathom the possibility that the Easter resurrection story is the story of everyone’s life.

fast forward many more years to my adult and want to be grown up self and i’m starting to see.   after going through a series of very tough challenges recently, i realized that the beaten to resurrection pattern is a part of life…

stuff hits the fan and then the fan blows up.   too much to handle or so it seems and we (i) crumble into a ball hoping it will go away.   but it doesn’t until i (we) get the courage to look the tragedy, problem, wreckage in the eye and stand in pain.  yes i said it…

go there and suffer. and not in silence. be brave enough to tell at least yourself what’s going on and how you really feel.   a few weeks ago, i took a full day to stare at the sky and do nothing but journal to myself.  it was ugly but so was Jesus’ thorny crown…

so many of us are dealing with the blows that life throws us. it is especially hard when we feel it isn’t our fault.   let the image of Jesus’ cross come to mind.  there wasn’t much fair about that. but so life goes, it seems…

Easter is a celebration for many Christians around the world.  but the celebration can mean something for all of us.   the Easter message that we can hold on a little longer. the Easter image that pain will subside somehow. the Easter promise of having faith things will turn around…the Easter morning when things are beautiful, brand new and there’s chocolate everywhere:)


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At the Well is an organization doing great work building teen girl leaders!   I’ve seen the amazing things they are doing and highly recommend girls attend their leadership conference on April 14th at Princeton University.  See below for more info and check out the website.

The At the Well Young Women’s Conference will be held at
Princeton University on April 14
for minority girls ages 13 to 16.
Film star Brian White, most recently seen in the movie Good Deeds, will be the keynote speaker.  In the evening for adults, we are hosting Olympic Medalist and best-selling author Bonnie St. John for a book reading of her new resource How Great Women Lead.
Both events are free

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