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Crowing a King: The Weather Channel Meteorologist Alex Wallace

Posted on: May 9, 2012

regularly on sassysagesays, i feature amazing women who are doing great things.   every so often i come across a man that i want to pay tribute to because of the great work that they are doing (boys can inspire us too).  this month, i am featuring The Weather Channel Meteorologist Alex Wallace.

i have no shame in blasting to the world how proud i am of my brother.   he makes watching the weather reports fun, with his casual and comedic style.     ever since he was a youngster, i knew he was special.  

a little black boy who loved science, math and sports!  it came as no surprise to me as he excelled at the university of georgia in broadcast journalism.  i kept telling my friends he was the best but in truth i’m sure i sounded biased! i’m not surprised they shrugged me off as talking junk…

after graduating with a master’s degree in geosciences, he went straight to the big leagues! beginning his career as an on-air meteorologist for the famed Weather Channel. it let the naysayers know, I TOLD YOU HE WAS GOOD!

tomorrow is a day that i’m fully exonerated for my pride.  mr wallace will be among three distinguished alumni receiving honors from the UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.|ID%3D1373

To see what all my bragging is about, check out Alex Wallace on The Weather Channel weekends 5-7am (est); Wed-Fri 4-5:30am (est). To learn more about his work visit

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Nice post! I’m just as proud. 🙂

Alex really is the best!

Congrats Alex! Keep up the great work.

Congrats to my future son-in-law!!

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