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Sage’s Rage: graduation fever

Posted on: June 20, 2012

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my godson is graduating this week from kindergarten!!! i’m so excited for him. crossing over into big boy land is a scary step but i know he can do it. he and so many other graduates are making their way into another stage of life.  i feel the fever.

i just graduated my first class of college students.  they arrived as freshman, when i first got to the st. john’s university campus…and now they are alum!  i’ll miss my little one’s but like my godson i have faith that they will find their way.

graduation is a time for optimism despite what our economy is telling us.  it takes the young at heart to recognize that success comes in many forms. i wasn’t a graduation speaker this year. but if i were here are a few of the words i’d have to say…

hard work, focus and creativity always wins.

choose your own path graduates.

let no one steal that precious item only you should own.  

now is the time to follow your dreams.  

there is no time for small thinking.  

fear is okay as long as you keep going anyway.  

try not to look back and certainly don’t look down!  

keep rising to the top, as my junior high graduation song goes (i just aged myself didn’t i).

u made it and u will do it again…

if my words weren’t enough to jolt u into stardom, check out this 2012 grad video that surely will.  created by one of my fav teen experts, josh shipp.

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