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Sage’s Rage: Wanted Etiquette 2.0

Posted on: August 22, 2012

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yesterday my boyfriend almost knocked himself off the couch in shock at the curse words jumping off the twitter page of a teen family member.  it’s obvious this teen has no idea people are watching and that some of those people may be college recruits, future employers, and shocker adult family members…

unfortunately that teen is not the only one making crazy bunders on FB, twitter, instagram and all the many other internet sources out there.  my fav is the bigbootygal@soandso email addy that popped into my university inbox.  this unaware student had no clue that her email address might make an ‘impression’ on the professor she was hoping to get an opportunity to work with! i schooled her of course and she quickly got a more suitable address for professional connections.

the reality is it’s not just young people who are making a mess out of social media etiquette.  none of us really have an idea what and how we are supposed to be using the technology. let’s not even go there with folks talking on their cell phones when they clearly shouldNOT…we are all sucked in and getting suckered at the same time.   

where is the manual? why are there no classes?  i really think we need licenses on some of these blogs sites of who can comment and say what.  i’m not the only one ranting.   according to a recent survey conducted by Intel, most Americans feel that tech etiquette is down the tubes.  

so this Fall, i’ve decided to start including tech etiquette as part of my college course syllabi.  might as well start with the next generation to correct this cybercraziness…check my FB status for updates, LOL!

no seriously, i’ll be giving a blog update on tips I give in the class. so stay tuned…

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