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Crowning A Queen: Hip Hop Doc Adia Mcclellan Winfrey

Posted on: September 14, 2012

regularly on sassysagesays, i feature amazing girls/women who are doing great things.  

this month, i am featuring Hip Hop Psychologist  Dr. Adia Mcclellan Winfrey.  

if you know of other girls/women who are doing great things let me know. we’d love to feature her on our blog!

psychologist and hip hop therapist Dr. Adia Mcclellan Winfrey is one of a kind.  i first met her when she gave a workshop about her H.Y.P.E. (Healing Youth People through (hip hop) Empowerment) curriculum at a hip hop conference i put together at st. john’s university in 2009.

the Empowering Communities through Hip hOp (ECHO) conference was packed with people from all across the tri-state area and Dr. Dia gave a ‘show’ like no other.  she walked teachers, social workers, therapists and youth workers through her H.Y.P.E. curriculum, which is a program for at risk teens that uses hip hop and has proven to have amazing results.

over the years i have watched Dr. Dia ‘work it’ all across the country and beyond (she’s taking her program to the U.K. this year!).   she is such a hardworking woman, that I had to give her a shout out as a queen of hip hop with tons of soul!  

she is passionate about reaching our youth and has true ‘swag’. as you can imagine, she gets ‘much respect’ from those in the hip hop industry for her dedication to keeping true to the art form while giving back.

Dr. Dia facilitates her curriculum at schools, youth agencies and detention facilities, as well as provides training to those who work with youth.  she recently started writing and i was blown away by a piece that she co-wrote with David Banner.

to learn more about Dr. Dia and the H.Y.P.E. program visit:

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