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Hot Off the Press: Check out my ABC news interview about the Plan B pill for teens

Posted on: September 24, 2012

I was recently interviewed for an article about the bold new policy that NYC Schools have put in place which provides the morning after pill to teens without parental consent.  What do you think?

Check out the article

3 Responses to "Hot Off the Press: Check out my ABC news interview about the Plan B pill for teens"

To my knowledge and growing up in California any teenage girl automatically has access to birth control and emergency contraceptives such as the Plan B pill. This doesn’t surprise me that schools in New York want to give out Plan B pills. I had these options and others in my school through the health center. I agree with the pilot program but there should be more education regarding birth control options for teen girls in schools.

As a dad of three daughters, its tough for me to support this. I’m wondering how much of my apprehension stems from it being a pill. Giving out condoms and giving out pharmaceuticals feels very different to me. Also, while I know this is not nearly the same thing, it is hard for me to separate institutionalized birth control in areas that serve mainly Black and Brown folks from the ugly history of sterilization of women of color in this country.

so true Daren. there are layers and layers to unpack with the decision. the focus on handing out pills with enough education makes me so upset. it’s disempowering to parents and the teens.

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