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Sage’s Rage: Guns Do Not Cause Acts of Violence, People Do

Posted on: December 20, 2012

my blog is normally dedicated to issues for girls and young women.  but this week i want to use it in service to those impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

today, i’m shifting gears to talk about solutions

the past week, there has been so much discussion about gun control.  i am not a fan of the NRA, i am not a fan of guns and i believe in gun control. however, i will say that a gun by itself can’t shoot anyone.  let’s not forget to focus on the people committing these violent acts.

which brings me to another point that has gotten tons of discussion; mental illness.  it is true that many of the mass shootings we have seen have been carried out by people with mental illness.  i was saddened when i read the commentary from a mom who struggles to get assistance to deal with his violent behavior and mental illness

mental illness is an issue but it’s not okay for us to stigmatize those with mental illness as the only perpetrators of horrific acts of violence.  in fact most people with mental illness are not violent at all.   the real issue is MENTAL HEALTH.

mental illness, mental health it’s all the same you say.  not so…

mental illness is a psychological disorder that is caused by physical brain imbalances.   it is limited to a small percentage of people.   Poor mental health covers a more broad spectrum of issues that may lead individuals to commit violence.  Poor mental health causes anger, depression and lack of empathy or feeling for other human beings. Poor mental health is the inability to control one’s emotions, the acting out, bullying and social isolation. the child who has experienced years of abuse, the kid who watches a parent drink and lash out on a daily basis is at risk for mental health issues.  

when we make the discussion about mental illness it moves things to the extreme, when in fact the issue is so much more common place than we have been willing to admit.   our lack of focus on mental health has left many children and adults in a state of rage.  they take it out on their classmates, they commit acts of domestic violence, they join gangs and reek havoc on communities.

the solution is for our society to become much more focused on the idea of good mental health as an important part of our overall health.  what that would mean is a move from looking at mental health as a problem that only requires medication and locking folks away. it’s acknowledging that good mental health is a human right which everyone of us should strive to obtain.    

good mental health is when you have balance in your emotional states; most of the time you are calm, happy and feeling great.  good mental health is when you are socially aware; you know how to engage with people in a positive way and enjoy having human contact.  good mental health is when psychologically you are strong; you feel good about yourself and think positively about life.   good mental health is something we should teach in schools, we should promote among parents and support as part of our health care system.

it’s time that mental health stopped being a bad word.  

it’s the mind, body, spirit equation we need to be fully healthy human beings.

mental health 12-20-12

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