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Hot off the Press: Here’s To A Healthy Holiday

Posted on: December 24, 2012

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the day before thanksgiving a saw a post by my colleage dr. aletha maybank of on the call in the city about safe holiday eating.  i giggled at the post and went back to scanning fb posts.  boy was that a mistake! i spent the next week purging yams and turkey! i even had a visit to the emergency room, all because of food poisoning.   i learned my lesson the hard way.  so please do me a favor, humor me and take a glance at these tips from the CDC (and me) for staying healthy over the holidays.

Wash your hands often.  You are shaking so many hands and the extra time around people make it a prime time to spread germs and possibly get sick.

Stay Warm.  Running around with last minute shopping, it’s important to dress in layers and stay dry.

Manage Stress.  Be sure to be true to yourself and the spirit of the holidays. Be relaxed and remember it’s supposed to be fun.

Travel Safely.  Don’t drink/drug and drive!  Don’t text and drive! and take your time getting around town.

Be smoke-free.  If you stopped smoking, don’t let the holidays suck you back into the habit.  Still smoking? commit to quitting today.  That goes for blunts, hookahs and e-cigerettes too.

Get check ups and vaccinations. It’s flu season, consider getting your shots…

Watch the Kids.  Holiday season is a prime time for the little ones to get injuries.  All that excitement around the tree, lights and toys can make for a dangerous hazard. So watch out kiddies!

Practice Fire Safety.  Making a nice warm fire, hanging up decorations, and all that cooking can lead to fires. Be safe and take precautions.

Handle and Prepare Food Safely.   Remember my thanksgiving story…need I say more?

Eat Healthy and Be Active.   i will be eating an extra slice of pie but won’t let the holiday cheer be an excuse to overeat.  a little treat with a healthy snack is the key to a healthy holiday!

i’m a holiday music fanatic!  it just puts me in the best mood. so i’ll leave you with this song:)

Happy Holidays Blogosphere!

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