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Sage’s Rage: Sisters Please Get HIV Tested

Posted on: February 7, 2013

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black aids awareness day

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

sometimes i feel like a broken record

each year encouraging our communities to pay attention to HIV/AIDS

each year it seems to get harder to get folks to listen

each year the rates keep rising

for African Americans that is…

especially African American youth

please take the time to think about what you have been doing 

better yet think about what your partners could be doing

without your knowledge

get tested for hiv and other sexually transmitted infections

remember the tests do not prevent you from getting something

so you’ve gotta

abstain from sex

that mean NO to all types of sex


protect yourself by using condoms

make sure to learn how to use and dispose of one properly


if it sounds like i am preaching that’s because I AM!

we have to keep focused until the number of new infections

get down to ZERO

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