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Crowning A Queen: Girl Banned from Sports Becomes World Squash Champion

Posted on: March 15, 2013

this women’s history month, i’m highlighting girls and young women who are doing amazing things.

when i learned about Maria Toorpakai Wazir, a top squash champion i was amazed by her talent and skill in the sport. but it was her unwavering faith and drive that i found remarkable.  i was in tears by the end of watching the espn program which told the miracle of a story which is her life.

maria grew up in pakistan in an area with strict rules against girls having freedom and rights. she was forbidden, as all girls were, from playing sports. but she really wanted to join her brothers in the games they played.  her father, her biggest supporter, gave her a chance. but she had to dress up like a boy to do so.  

disguised as a boy, maria climbed to the top ranks in squash.  but eventually she was found out and her family received death threats to get her to stop.   desperate to achieve her dream of being a professional squash player, maria spent day and night in her room writing letters to sports teams in other countries begging them to give her a chance to play.   she received thousands of NOs but one day she got a letter that changed her life!

she was eventually sponsored by Jonathon Power, a Canadian squash star, who moved maria to his training camp. it was through his help that she became a top professional squash player becoming the 4th best women’s player in the world!   maria loves her sport but she says she is driven to show girls everywhere that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard and believe.

we salute Maria’s courage and determination this women’s history month.

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