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shawn carter scholarship 4-13
looking to go to college and need a scholarship? currently enrolled and want help with tuition?
 check out these scholarships from Jay-Z’s foundation
Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation
Applications are being accepted for the Shawn Carter Scholarship. 
Qualified applicants must be a high school senior, college student, and/or between the ages of 18-25, pursuing studies at a vocational or trade school.  All applicants must be a US Citizen and complete the on-line application no later than May 31, 2013. 
The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation is unique in that it offers scholarships to single mothers, children who attend alternative schools, students who have earned a GED, students with grade point averages of 2.0 and students who have previously been incarcerated, etc. but desire a higher educational opportunity.  The Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to any under-served student across the United States who desires a higher education.
One of the key questions asked by the Foundation when students apply for a scholarship is: What are your plans to give back to the community? 
 Click on this link to apply:

it’s earth day. which is something everyone can celebrate about.

for earth day, i’m celebrating roz savage,  whom i met this past weekend.

roz savage  4-13

roz is one of the most incredible human beings on the planet.

roz became so dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of saving the earth that she went on a mission to row across it!  

roz holds a world record as the only woman to row by herself across three oceans!!  

you must watch this video of her mission.   

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you must check out this DOVE youtube video that was posted this week.

it has gotten over 8 million hits.


just goes to show how much we miss all the beauty in ourselves.  

it’s time to stop being so hard on ourselves.

i’m in the process of taking a ‘love me’ pledge.  

give it a try…

for the next 30 days, think about one thing that you love about your body (chose a different thing each day)

let me know what you picked…

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too much homework

fighting with your parents

can’t understand your boyfriend

getting cyberhate from mean girls at your school



the scariness that’s happening in our country and around the world

seems like too much to bear

all the madness can really stress a girl out


we all have it. but if you don’t deal with stress, it can hurt you

stress causes our hearts to move fast, blood to boil and body’s to get hot

all those reactions confuses our immune system and makes it easier for us to get sick  

so when it comes to stress, even with all the disasters that are happening, it’s important to chill out

a great way to do that is to take a mini break; to be still

it’s stress awareness month, so i thought i’d share this pretty cool video of

teens talking in their own words about how

‘chillin’ and taking ‘time out’ has changed their lives

give it a try and let me know what you think..

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i can’t believe that it’s april and i got the flu!

ladies, please be mindful.  wash your hands and watch out for folks coughing in the streets…

i’m hoping to be on my feet and back to blogosphere soon!

flu 4-13

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