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Crowning a Queen: Our Angel Antoinette Tuff

Posted on: August 23, 2013

737558-antoinette-tuffby now everyone has heard the 911 call of Ms. Antoinette Tuff as she bravely talked a mentally unstable man from murdering hundreds of innocent children.  

when i heard the call, i thought this woman sounds like an angel.  i couldn’t believe anyone without training would remain that calm and be SO LOVING.  yesterday i saw her interview on Anderson Cooper 360 and now I am convinced; she IS a walking, breathing example of sainthood.  

She is not just a hero to those children and their families; she’s a hero to us all. She’s a hero because of her example of humility by sharing her pain and secrets with not only a stranger but someone who wanted to kill her.   She’s a hero because of her deep faith that everything was going to be okay not just for herself but the man with the gun.   She’s a hero because her focus the entire Anderson Cooper interview was on others.   All of this from a woman who had been through so many trials in her own life. She could have easily been angry at life.   Her strength to turn her life and attitude into positive is purely extraordinary.    

Antoinette Tuff is my role model of what a real woman looks like.  Yes she is beautiful on the outside but its’ her character and heart that are stunningly gorgeous.  We salute and thank you Ms.Tuff.

To learn more about Ms. Tuff and her charity work with children in need visit her website:

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Antoinette is such and inspiration…. a remarkable person.

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