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i just read an article in slate magazine about an exhibit of photos by Ji Yeo.  the flicks show the not so glamorous life of young women recovering from plastic surgery.  

i know some teens are thinking of doing plastic surgery.  

you don’t like your nose…your arms seem to flabby…if you could only get higher cheekbones?  

it seems like it would be a dream come true.  but the question is, what lengths would you go to get it?  

is is worth the pain?  

wouldn’t it be cooler to learn to be proud of those features and rock them “flaws” like a boss?  

to read and see some of the other images (warning they are graphic!) click on the article below:

Beauty Recovery Room

plastic surgery

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i luv hearing about the amazing things that girls are doing around the world. check out the cool creations that these girls are creating by melding metal….

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last night i looked up at the NYC skyline and saw the two lights honoring the lives of those who were killed in the terror attacks of 2001.  it really made me think about how important it is to pay tribute to them and all those who have sacrificed for a better world.  

if you are voting for the first time.  pause for a moment to think about how blessed you are to have that right. if you can’t vote yet, ask your parents if you can tag along to see what it’s like.  find out who is running and start thinking about who you would select if you had the chance. it’s never too early to get politically active.  democracy is not guaranteed, participate in the gift. VOTE!!!

honor 9-13

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